Hair Scissor

    Hair Scissor


    Hair Scissor


    Hair Scissor

    The hair scissor is drop production from a solitary little bit of the best quality Japanese J2 420 chrome steel. This specific review of steel permits warm treatment to a Rockwell hardness of 53-54. Which holds the leading edge for an extended time. Each pair is impact sand bound up by hand to excellent matte steel.  Also, tweak to form sure that the simplest execution is form to form them to endure forever.
    This particular top-notch Japanese chrome steel hair cutting scissor is temper with precise blades. And hand-sharpened leading edge to equally trim hair effortlessly. Additionally, the Bristal Beauty Professional Edge Hair Cutting Scissor is extraordinary for salon laborers, hairdressers. Also for individual utilization. Its particular simple to carry handle configuration permits the scissor to support fingers. Furthermore accompanies thumb and finger removable additions for Sizing Adjustments, conveying a sure hairstyle inevitably!
    With a length of 6.5 inches each, the Bristal Professional Edge Hair Cutting Scissor is protecting and straightforward to use on men, ladies, the elderly, youngsters, and children.

    Sharp, Smooth and Efficient

    With a smooth chrome steel surface, our scissors lessen the chaotic hair jumbles as no hair gets within the middle of its trimming and diminishing edges, not in the least like other hair cutting and hair diminishing scissors available. An absolute necessity for barbers, salons, and hair enthusiasts. This lavish and rich hair cutting shears set is developed from hand-honed Japanese chrome steel that holds its sharp edge into 5x longer than standard chrome steel. These predominant edges will never bolt up or get dull, ensuring an impeccable cut without fail. With a finely sharpened leading edge and a handcrafted Culton strain change screw, these shears will outflank whatever other shears in its class. We contributed overtime on our item so you’ll invest more energy being gainful.

    Made to Last

    We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and item’s quality. Each pair of scissors goes through our strenuous Q/A tests. this provides us the knowledge to supply a lifetime surety against any assembling defects.


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