Barber Cutting Scissors

    Barber Cutting Scissors


    Barber Cutting Scissors

    A must have for any professional barber, grab the entire Barber set including the Barber 65, the Barber 70 scissor and also the Barber 60! This collection is that the ultimate set of tools for any barber.

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    Barber Cutting Scissors

    Grab the entire Barber Collection including the Barber Cutting Scissors, the Barber scissors and also the Thinning Scissors. These scissors are the ultimate set of tools for any barber.

    We’ve relaunched these Hair Cutting Shears favorites but given them an upgrade! Now hand crafted from a higher-grade Japanese Hitachi steel these scissors will take your cuts to the subsequent level. The lightweight design with an ergonomic offset handle ensures comfortability for those working in a very busy barbershop. The Barber 65 and therefore the 70 are both ideal for scissor over comb work providing you with those clean straight lines whilst the pointed tips make it perfect for detailing and precision work. Team that with Barber 60 thinner and its ability to effortlessly remove bulk and add texture, you’ve got the proper combination of tools for any barber.


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