Professional Barber Scissors

Bristal Beauty has the best collection of barber scissors. This is the one-stop-shop for professional barbers. Where you can buy any scissors! like Hairdressing Scissors, Hair Cutting Scissors, Barber Thinning Scissors, Thinning Scissors For dogs. The Hairdressing Scissors are 5.5 Inches in standard size but you can get longer than 5.5″ and Shorter than 5.5″ also. Shorter or you can small shears such as barber trimming scissors is about 3 – 4.5 Inches in size.  Our Hair Cutting Scissors and Barber Thinning Scissors are made of the best quality Japanese Steel to stay long use of these Barber Shears. Durability is one of the main concerns we have. We take extra care for Rust-free Protection of our Hair Cutting Scissor so they can be Long Lasting and can use any time.  Bristal Beauty’s Barber Scissors are perfect for any hair like Dry, Wet, and Mustaches. Use them on any hair. For any hairstylist or barber Removeable finger rest is a key feature of a Scissor. Depending on the condition you ban adjust the tension of scissor by simple tension knob or screw.

Hairdressing scissors suitable for any beautician COMFORTABLE HANDLE AND ADJUSTABLE SCREW FOR the proper TENSION LEVEL FOR YOU – Non-slip handle, ergonomic shape with integrated finger rest for comfort allowing relax cutting.

Reduce Strains on your fingers, wrists, and arms caused by repetitive motion when cutting hair. Suitable for any finger allowing easy hand movement and pain-free with optimum control. Rough Stache Hair Shears features an adjustable tension system to chop properly without compromising the cutting while other shears do.


Edge hair cutting scissors with unmatched EXTRA SHARP BLADES for cutting hair evenly and trimming it easily. Lighter than other shears to effortlessly sliding through the hair making it an ideal choice for professional stylists and barbers. Unlike other hair cutting shears, you’ll achieve flawless results whenever with none damage, split ends, or pulling hairs. Standard Barber Scissors created for precise and detailed cuts. TOP BARBERS AND HAIRDRESSERS FAVORITE HAIR SCISSORS for its extremely sharp cutting blades, excellent wear resistance, and rustproof. Quality finish, easy to handle hair cutting shears that provide more control and adaptability than clippers, excellent for adding texture or layers on any hairstyle Comes with a

STORAGE CASE for cover but also great as a barber or beautician gifts

  • Barber Cheap Scissors


    Barber Cheap Scissors

    Hair Stylist Salon Hair Cutting Scissors. Free Case and cleaning cloth. This is often Right-hand scissor. A top-quality professional-grade instrument. A select range of edge Salon Shears. Barber Cheap Scissors designed to chop hair smoothly and evenly without causing any distress to the hands and fingers. Made of Japanese steel. Handcrafted with top-quality J2 420 Japanese chrome steel. edge convex hollow ground blades hold an edge for extended periods. Featuring all the toughness of forged stainless scissors to offer you extended working life. Comfortable & stylish design with finger rest. These are a must-have for barbers also deliver fine, precise results. Ideal for house use and for business use.

  • Barber Cutting Scissors


    Barber Cutting Scissors

    A must have for any professional barber, grab the entire Barber set including the Barber 65, the Barber 70 scissor and also the Barber 60! This collection is that the ultimate set of tools for any barber.

  • Barber Scissors for Sale


    Barber Scissors for Sale

    Barber Scissors for Sale. It features a gorgeous silver finish with its silky, dry cutting blades & incredibly comfortable handle design, it’s a fantastic shear!
    Includes FREE scissor case. Lifetime Warranty against faulty materials or workmanship. Gorgeous titanium silver coating on the handle, pivot area, and out of doors of the blades. Top of the blade is silver, which ends up during a TRUE CONVEX edge.

  • Barber Shears


    A professional barber needs their scissors to master their craft. Whether you need thinning scissors, straight, left-handed or offset shears, we are sure to have your perfect cutting companion.

  • Barber Trimming Scissors


    Barber Trimming Scissors

    From routine bang trims to a brand new look, get salon-looking results without leaving home. Get maximum comfort and control with the attached finger rest. Ultra-sharp blades ensure smoothness and accuracy each time.
    High performance blades designed to trim hair. Hand crafted quality for optimum precision and delightful results. These prime quality shears are hand finished.

  • Best Barber Scissors


    Barber Scissors

    Experience The Difference Between Amateur And Pro Barber Scissors/Shears.
    Are you trying to find hairdresser grade scissors that are superior in comfort and deliver an ideal cut every time?. So, your search is over, now that you simply found the Bristal Beauty Professional  Barber Scissors.
    Hand-Sharpened For Haircut Pro’s. We only use superior Japanese sharpened chrome steel. Created using patented technology, our scissors sharp edge lasts up to 5 times longer than regular grade scissors.
    Maximum Comfort for ladies and Men. Our engineers at Bristal Beauty know that cutting hair for 8 hours is often really fatiguing on your wrists. So we designed an edge that helps relieve stress on your wrist so you’ll continue doing what you’re keen on.

  • Best Hairdressing Scissors


    Best Hairdressing Scissors

    Bristal Beauty Best Hairdressing Scissors, a gold line scissor from Bristal Beauty with convex shape blades and fully integrated cutting edges. Made from stainless steel with a matt black finish.

  • Hair Cutting Scissors


    Hair Cutting Scissors

    The Hair Cutting Scissors are new & already one among our best-selling shears. Silky, dry & wet ultra cutting blades and amazingly comfortable handle design. In other words it is a winner among stylists.
    PREMIUM – These special high-quality surgical grade stainless steel Hair Cutting scissors are tempere with precise blades. And hand-sharpening cutting edges to evenly trim hair with ease. You’ll not ever need another hair cutting scissor again
    ERGONOMIC – To clarify our  Barber Hair Cutting Scissor is great for salon workers, barbers, hair enthusiasts, and personal usage. Its distinctive easy-grip handle design allows the scissor to cradle fingers. And also comes with thumb and finger removable inserts for Sizing. Adjustments, delivering a confident haircut every time! It comes with 2 sets of finger inserts and a scissor sharpener.

  • Haircut Scissors


    Haircut Scissors

    Premium Quality Japanese chrome steel Haircut Scissors

    These Haircut Scissors are drop produced from a solitary little bit of the best quality Japanese J2 420 chrome steel. This specific review of steel permits warm treatment to a Rockwell hardness of 53-54. Which holds the leading edge for an extended time. Each pair is impacted sand bound up by hand to excellent matte steel. Also, tweaked to form sure the simplest execution to form them endure forever.

    Ergonomic Design

    These particular top-notch Japanese chrome steel barber scissors are temper with precise blades. Hand sharp leading edge to equally trim hair effortlessly.  Additionally, the Bristal Beauty Professional Edge Haircut Scissors are extraordinary for salon laborers, hairdressers, and for the individual utilization also.

  • Hairdressing Scissors


    Hairdressing Scissors

    Hair scissors, with extremely sharp blades for clean-cut, won’t damage or split hair ends.
    Your stylish and sleek looking hair scissors comes during a free zippered cushioned case.  Also, with elastic bands to stay the scissors in situ and stop accidents.
    The Hairdressing Scissors help to realize perfect results whenever, for both wet and dry hair.
    Hair scissors include removable rubber handle inserts to suit any thumb and finger with a comfort grip.

  • Multi Color Barber Scissors


    Multi Color Barber Scissors

    Multi Color Barber Scissors New Professional Quality Scissors as shown within the picture. Made of top-quality 100% J2 Japanese Steel. Available in size 5.5” Extra Sharp Razor Blades. Regular Model employed by Professionals everywhere the World.

  • Premium Barber Scissors


    Premium Barber Scissors

    The Professional Salon Quality Scissors specifically designed for top performance and quality results. they’re a must-have for professional barbers and deliver sleek, effortless results. Ideal for the house or business, the premium barber scissors manufactured with top quality chrome steel for durability and longevity. The adjustable tension knobs make these scissors comfortable to any hand.

  • Premium Hair Cutting Scissors


    Premium Hair Cutting Scissors

    The absolute best Premium Hair Cutting Scissors feel weightless have beautiful action. Therefore traditional production methods making sure the blades matched set throughout forging, grinding, sharpening and polishing. Bristal Steel Scissor is as fine as any made. Truly superior precision cutting tools from the Netherlands.

  • Premium Salon Shears


    Premium Salon Shears

    100% HANDMADE PREMIUM SALON SHEARS. Our craftsman uses only the best Genuine Hitachi ATS-314 Japanese steel to make sure unmatched razor sharp convex edges. You won’t even feel the blades as they slide effortlessly through the hair. They are 30% lighter than conventional shears. We’ve added nylon glide strips at the rear of the blades for extra friction reduction.