• Hair Thinning Scissors

    5.00 out of 5

    Professional Thinning Scissors

    The ultimate tool for sculpting, shaping and finishing, this Etaro texturizer may be a must for each haircut. Featuring the Hikari Precision Convex Edge and super high-grade Japanese steel. This Professional Thinning Scissors cuts just like the other Bristal Beauty scissors, smooth, sharp and precise. 35 teeth remove approximately 40% of the hair. Thanks to the massive percentage of hair removal during a single stroke. This texturizer will leave a small line of demarcation.

  • Professional Barber Scissors


    Professional Barber Scissors

    Every professional barber needs scissors to master their craft. Whether you need Professional Barber Scissors, thinning scissors, straight, left-handed or offset shears. We are sure to have your perfect cutting companion. One of the foremost important factors when choosing the proper shears is size. They need to suit your hand comfortably. Too small scissors for your hand limit your range of motion. Shears that are overlarge have a negative effect on your cutting motion. The industry standard for shears (by size) is 5.5 inches, and it’s the dimensions usually used when teaching future barbers and stylists. as long as your hands are larger than normal do you have to choose larger shears, such as 6.5-inch shears.

  • Professional Hair Scissors


    professional hair scissors

    Professional Hair Scissors are the foremost important tools of the Hairstylist. These Scissors Also known as hair cutting shears. These scissors are specifically cutting hair. Hairdressing shears are distinguished by being significantly sharper than standard scissors.

    Shears typically come in size from about 5 to 7 inches long. They often feature a finger brace or ‘tang’, which provides the hairdresser extra control when cutting. made up of J2 420 Japanese steel, straight handled scissor with super sharp razor edges. The Bristal Beauty barber scissors are suitable for slice cutting and advanced cutting styles.

  • Standard Barber Scissors

    5.00 out of 5

    Standard Barber Scissors

    PREMIUM chrome steel. VERY SHARP – HANDMADE using high-quality 100% chrome steel, provides the last word DURABILITY. And rust-free protection for long-lasting use of professional hair cutting shears that any stylist or barber can calculate. Immune to chemical hair care products, ensuring an extended edge life for clean cuts. Standard Barber Scissors are 6″ long, hand-made hair cutting scissors that gives an ideal balance and proper blade alignment.


    At its best regardless of the sort of hair or mustache styles, you are doing. one among the simplest Standard Barber Scissors on the marketplace for home or professional usage. Works great for barbers, men’s hairstylists or men that trim their hair reception. Recommended for professional stylists though the edge hair cutting scissors are great for novices or home stylists too.

Bristal Beauty

Our company Bristal Enterprises Sialkot Pakistan manufacture and export high-quality stainless steel hair salon barber scissors. All Bristal beauty barber scissors and thinning scissors are manufactured in our premises at are recognized as high-quality barber scissors. We are manufacturing barbershop supply razor scissors along with custom-designed haircut scissors to meet your specific requirements and branding needs. The customers can buy barber scissors at reasonable prices. Our company provides a warranty for haircut scissors. Our company also offers private labeling. Fire

Bristal Beauty offer a variety of haircut style scissors. You can also buy the low price hair salon barber scissors with a 100% warranty. Buy from us.

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